Video Tutorial on connecting phyton to Neo4j

I am using Neo4j 3.5.5
Trying to connect Phyton to it, found some written material but have a full understanding of it. Is there any free website that has tutorial videos on this topic?

First of all, you need to decide if you want to use py2neo, a kind of "object-graph-mapper" where you do everything in Python code and neo4j, cypher etc. are abstracted away.
Or if you want to use the neo4j driver like it is described here:
NEO4J PYTHON|NEO4J Python Tutorial|How To Connect NEO4J with Python Driver|Part:10 - YouTube (You do not need to use Jupyter, of course, any text editor will do.)

My recommendation however: Do yourself a favor and just play around with some examples to wrap your head around how to use transactions, how to run Cypher queries from Python and how to deal with the results. Start here: Neo4j Python Driver 5.4 — Neo4j Python Driver 5.4

Hope that helps.
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thank you so much for answering. it was helpful.