Unable to install "Neo4j Doc Manager" When running mongod --replSet myDevReplSet Facing this issue

Follow this link to install neo4j doc manager
Neo4j Doc Manager Install

When in run following step i faced error/issue

Ensure that mongo is running a replica set . To initiate a replica set start mongo with:

mongod --replSet myDevReplSet
Error errno:98 Address already in use for socket:
Follow Stack Overflow Link But not have any luck google a lot but unable to find solution because of than i am unable to use neo4j with mongodb Please let me know how can i fix this issue. I have also attached screenshot of error.

Kumar.. did you hook up mongo ok ?

can you help us with an issue

Andreas.. any chance you can have someone technical who knows how to connect mongodb to neo4j to help us ? we are all set up.. last hurdle.

Big budget client wants to see their mongodb in neo4j. I have all connectors and py2neo installed all the right versions and mongo-connector is working well.. just a 404 error now.. yet all permissions seem to be set ok.. its the last step on how the replica set in mongo will or how ?? does it magically appear in neo? as a new database OR we need to create a new one ? same name as replica set in mongo >??

there are no instructions on any of those final steps anywhere on the net ..even Johnny montana doesnt really explian the last steps.

our mongo log file is being listened to by mongo-connector just fine .. it then trips when it tries to talk w neo

please have someone help us who has done this before ? thanks