Struggle with doing distance filter with Graphql (WGS84)

Hi! I do graphic operations with a distance filter, but an error occurred
Please give me some help to fix this operation, Thanks!



    where: {
      location_LT: {
        distance: 3500 #1.5km
        point: { latitude: 126.98372667822, longitude: 37.5586222487339}
  ) {

Error message

 "message": "Cannot create WGS84 point with invalid coordinate: [37.5586222487339, 126.98372667822]. Valid range for Y coordinate is [-90, 90].",

Label property


I also have difficulty with cypher queries that get the distance of two points.
Any comments would be appreciated

My cypher query

WITH point({srid:4326, x:127.006651659262, y:37.5669983058592}) AS p1, point({srid:4326, x:126.98372667822, y:37.5586222487339}) AS p2
RETURN point.distance(p1,p2) AS dist

error message

Unknown function 'point.distance' (line 2, column 8 (offset: 142))
"WITH `point`(({`srid`: 4326, `x`: 127.006651659262, `y`: 37.5669983058592})) AS `p1`, `point`(({`srid`: 4326, `x`: 126.98372667822, `y`: 37.5586222487339})) AS `p2`"