SoN Challenges - Final Week

This is the final week of Summer of Nodes :sob:! How time flies!
We hope you had fun with last week's challenge and solving the murder mystery! This week we do a virtual walk together in Central Park.

Exploring the area
In our final Summer of Nodes challenges you are going for a virtual walk in Central Park but we promise your feet wont get sore from this one! Again, these challenges should take approximately one hour each, depending on experience.

Of course, you are welcome to try both challenges! For details on what’s required for the easy and hard challenges, read this blog. Once you solved a challenge, submit your answer in this form .
Please dont forget that you need use the special sandbox for this week!

But I Missed the Live Stream…
Not to worry! You can watch the stream in all its glory on demand .

Thursday Recap
Watch the hints video

Watch the final solutions