Show nodes in real time in Neo4j Graph


I have created a python script which imports real time data into Neo4j. Is there any way to see this data in real time? For example, can I have the graph opened and see the new nodes popping up when the data is imported?

Thank you very much in advance!


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You either have to poll the graph.

Or you could use an tx-listener to make them visible, pushed to a visualization client.

You might be able to do that with an apoc trigger, that then calls another procedure e.g. to send the nodes to a client, e.g. Gephi (via apoc.gephi.add ).

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Thank you for your response!

How can I poll the graph? Is there any tool for that?

here is an example:

you also have to enable triggers in your config: apoc.trigger.enabled=true

CALL apoc.trigger.add('gephi',"UNWIND {createdNodes} AS n
OPTIONAL MATCH path = (n)--()
WITH collect(n) + collect(path) as paths
CALL apoc.gephi.add(null,'workspace1', paths) yield nodes return count(*)
", {phase:'before'})
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Thank you Michael!
Now I can see what you meant. Really helpful thanks!

Hi Angelos!
This is an interesting ask! We would love to learn more about your project if you're ever interested in sharing!
If you wanted to write a blog post about it, we can possibly publish it on our Neo4j Medium Blog.
I think the community there could possibly find it valuable and learn from it! :smile: