Richard Wood - graphs for training data

Hello. My name is Richard Wood. I work for a small consultancy in England.

My interest is in using graph technology to get new insight into data from training simulations. The data we deal with is currently collected using traditional Relational databases. We're at very early stages of graph modelling and seeing what added value we can give to users. The potential advantages seem very attractive. I am interested to see if we can deliver a practical solution as a proof-of-concept; if successful we would then consider technical solutions for scaling a capability.

The training is about teams operating together in a movement game scenario. We look at metrics to do with team communication/coordination (who communicates with who through different means/channels), team situational awareness (where people look and perhaps what they notice about each other and other entities) and workload. We're interested in the feedback we can give to the training audience to improve their knowledge, skills and attitudes. So, the feedback has to provided quickly and in a digestible form.

I hope to develop some prototypes over the next three months and present some results in July.

Looking forward to learning and contributing in the community.