Register procedure for neosemantics in embedded Neo4j

I want to use neosemantics in my project to import ontologies. I managed to use neosemantics on the browser but now I want to use it in my embedded Java project.
I am new to coding Neo4j but I saw that I need to register the prodecures I want to use if I want to use a plugin. I found some examples for register procedures for APOC but I don't know how these procedures would work for neosemantics. Any help is appreciated.
I also get the error that the import for org.neo4j.kernel.impl.proc.Procedures cannot be cannot be resolved. Does anyone why this is a problem? I don't get the error for other imports from org.neo4j.kernel.

import org.neo4j.kernel.impl.proc.Procedures; //cannot be resolved
import org.neo4j.kernel.internal.GraphDatabaseAPI; //works

Thanks a lot in advance.