Query takes a very long time AFTER DB clone

It seems after cloning a DB, subsequent queries take a very long time (perhaps infinite?)

I did (with the Movie DB)
MATCH (p:Person) RETURN p

for which the browser shows "Started streaming 132 seconds after 7 ms and completed after 92 ms"

I then went to the Desktop, clicked on the three dots and choose the menu item "Clone". After waiting for the clone to finish, then I reran the query which still hasn't finished. The problem seems to go away after you quit Neo4J app and start again.

Neo4J 4.2.1.
Mac OS 10.15.7

It sounds like maybe you had a stale connection in the Neo4j Browser?

To check that you could try doing :server disconnect and then :server connect before trying your query again.

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That wouldn't surprise me, but that would be a bug.