Pre-RFP Outreach for CTPP API/UI Project

We are trying to reach out to developers who might be interested in responding to an upcoming CTPP UI/API Request for Proposal.

Here is more information about this project:

The project will have three parts: database backend, API/Web Service and front-end Web Application. We are open to different vendors for different part and open to any approach which makes sense. If we are using different vendors, the database backend vendor would need to support the vendor for the API/Web Service development.

The project aims to overhaul the existing data access solution to the CTPP data products. AASHTO is the sponsor of the project and Manhan Group, LLC is the project manager. Colby and Derek cced in this email are the Principal and COO of Manhan Group.

The existing data access application is linked here: The backend database is currently stored in MS SQL server. We might be able to share the existing data schema with permission from the sponsor and the current vendor: Beyond 20/20 later. The existing data is also available for download in batch through a ftp site: .

The new database would store both the existing CTPP data sets and the upcoming ones. Since some of CTPP users still want the online web map applications, it might be a good idea to store the census geography corresponding to CTPP geography summary level in the database as well. In addition, the design of the database might need to facilitate the longitudinal comparison between different CTPP datasets. AASHTO will provide equivalent tables which identify comparable variables across different data sets. Finally, the database might need to store information related to the utilization of tables or user information once the API and data portal are developed.

As to the API, we would prefer the vendor to use the current technology: REST and GraphQL. But we are open to other API technology as well if the vendor can convince us. Besides allowing users to query and filter the data, the API would also allow users to access feature service layer information.

The front-end web application will provide a data portal for non-technical users to query, filter and view the data.

Right now, we are at the stage of outreaching to potential vendors. Once we have finalized the RFP, we will send you an official invitation to response to the RFP. In the meantime, feel free to contact us for any additional information, questions or share your ideas about this project.


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