Neo4j Browser - Graph Query Results

I have a query, when using the Neo4j browser and if you click on a label you often get to see a graph visual that seems to contain more information than the raw query results itself for example

Looking at the above image shows a lot of nodes and multiple different relationships but if I look at the text results I dont see all of that data I only see this

and only see this for the actually query

Where can I see the actual query that the browser actually ran in order to create the visual that it does?

Hi @andy_mcshane

The relationships are created with this checkbox.

Connect result nodoes

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Ah, thanks for pointing that out. Is that second query that is run to fetch the relationships viewable anywhere?

I think it's not the query because it simply shows the relationship between nodes.

It is a little confusing as I couldn't understand out why the same query run via the neo4j driver in dotnet code didn't return the same results as the same query in the browser, very frustrating.