Neo4j backup size

Hello there ,

I've recently started working on neo4j .I have a few doubts regarding the backup .I'm importing a CSV into neo4j to build the database.

Step1 : Import my data using load csv , insert few queries accompanying it and commit
transaction 1

Step2 : Take the backup of step1 (Which will be a full).

Step3: Insert few more queries & do incremental backup .


1)when using neo4j-backup (it proceeds as intended & displays trying incremental backup ,backs-up & gives a confirmation message)

2)when using neo4j-admin backup it doesn't give any sort of such message & proceeds to consistency check directly


Finally the debug.log doesn't show the affected size as a result of incremental backup. How to differentiate the incremental backup from the full backup in my graph.db-backup .Is there any way i can get it ?

Please help me out .Here's my debug.log

Thanks in advance.

from your debug.log link, it appear you are running 3.5.17? correct?
if so firstly you should not be running neo4j-backup as it is no longer updated with fixes over time, unlike neo4j-admin backup is.

in the target path of backup i.e. the value for --backup-dir you should also have a debug.log which represents the debug.log for the backup itself.