Kate Mueller - Freelancer & AT Thru-hiker

Hi, my name's Kate (trail name: Sassafras). I was the head of product development for a small SaaS company up until March 2018, when I quit my position to hike the entire Appalachian Trail in the U.S. All 2190.9 miles of it. It took me 163 days (but who's counting?).

Before I was the head of product, I was a database architect, workgroup DBA, evaluator of new and noSQL database technologies, and just general data modeling geek. (The evaluation process was where I discovered neo4j).

As you might imagine, leaving a career to go hike a long trail leaves you in a bit of an odd transition on the other end. I figured I'd put my time in transition looking for work to good use and dig deeper into technologies that I had found intriguing but hadn't used much in my previous jobs, so here I am back to neo4j after a rather long hiatus. Looking forward to playing around, setting up some personal databases to get a better feel for it, and learning from the community!

Kate, a #hikerwithsass

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Welcome to the forum Kate !

I obviously looked up what Sassafras is ... learned something this morning, thank you for that :slight_smile: !


Hi Kate,

there is a number of articles around graphs and hiking/routing, from Rik with Orienteering but also here in an online meetup.
If you're looking for a job, I think taking the certification and then posting in the jobs category makes sense. We're also growing so also check out Graph Database Jobs | Career Opportunities at Neo4j.