Is there an easier way than neo4j?

I have neo4j Community running, and loaded graphs via py2neo. Graphs look very useful; would like to use them. I then tried to use Bloom via Desktop because I am not a graph specialist, with colleagues in the same boat. But it has been 100s of hours just to get this far, and I'm still stuck.

Two questions:

  1. Much of the neo4j time sinks and blog questions seem to be to various versions of "it won't connect". Is this inherent to all graph systems, or a quirk of neo4j?

  2. Is there something more beginner-friendly than neo4j to use to look at graphs? In neo4j, I hurtle one set of errors to just encounter the next, and this is not sustainable. The latest timesink is after 2 weeks of effort, I still cannot get the database used in Community to load into Desktop. Error, error. Not trying to dis neo4j, just trying to move forward. I appreciate it may be an odd question for the neo4j forum; I ask respectfully.

If you're struggling with this at work it's best to ask a neo4j specialist to help you on dedicated time.

I presume you already looked at the intro courses in graphacademy before.

Not sure why you would run community separately from desktop (esp. on the same machine runing multiple dbms is a recipe for problems).

The easiest way is to export a dump from your community instance and load it into a desktop database or into aura free and then use bloom there.

Shut down your community database, and run:

bin/neo4j-admin dump --to /tmp/db.dump

Then in desktop run

bin/neo4j-admin load --force --from /tmp/db.dump

and start the database there