Is it possible to update any empty values like "" to NULL values in NEO4J while using case statements?

I am attaching a query, in this query we need to convert the empty strings as NULL values to concat the strings to form comma-separated strings.

match (d:dpComponent)
      d.componentId="",'SET d.componentId = null return d',
      d.componentName="",'SET d.componentName = null return d',
     d.componentKey="",'SET d.componentKey = null return d'],
YIELD value
    value.d.componentId as ID,
    value.d.componentName as Name, 
    value.d.componentKey as Key 
order by ID

Keep in mind that there is really no such thing as a null value for a property, it's the same as non-existence, so setting a property to null is the same as removing it.

Likewise, returning the value for a property that doesn't exist will return null.

If you want to handle all of these at once, then usage of a map for the += operation will overwrite properties, so it's just a matter of generating a map that will set the relevant properties to null if they're the empty string, or otherwise leave them alone (if they aren't the empty string, it will just set them to their current value):

match (d:dpComponent)
WITH d, {componentId: CASE WHEN d.componentId = "" THEN NULL ELSE componentId END, 
 componentName: CASE WHEN d.componentName = "" THEN NULL ELSE componentName END, 
 componentKey: CASE WHEN d.componentKey = "" THEN NULL ELSE componentKey END} as map
SET d += map
    d.componentId as ID,
    d.componentName as Name, 
    d.componentKey as Key 
order by ID