Is it possible to apply GraphSage algorithm in Graph with edges properties?


I have a heterogeneous Graph with 2457 nodes and over 12K relationship with nodes & edges properties. I managed to apply the GraphSage algorithm but only added the node's properties.
I checked the documents, and it seems like that for edges, we can only specify "relationshipTypes" "relationshipWeightProperty."

Is there a way to add the properties of the edges too?

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Do you have bloom installed on your system?

Many thanks
Mr Sameer Sudhir G

At this point, GraphSAGE only supports node properties and edge weights (which are numeric properties).

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ok, thank you for your reply :slight_smile:


Assuming the relationship has a numeric property as required, is it possible to use it as relationshipWeightProperty even if head and tail nodes belong to different labels ?

I am trying to train a GraphSAGE model in the multiLabel configuration, with parameter projectedFeatureDimension set so as to enable multiLabel.

Thanks in advance!

Yes, you can use relationship weights. The performance might not be great, because it wasn't explicitly built to handle different edge types, but tuning it should help :slight_smile:

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