Homebase Los Angeles, building an app using Neo4j & GraphQL

Hey all,

Been working with Neo4j for almost a month as I build out the backend for a social media app. Before that I had some experience with RDBs, but mostly data analytics. I'm moving towards data engineering and applying that towards bioinformatics, robotics, NLP, or any sort of applied artificial intelligence to make the world a better place. I love working with Neo4j and am impressed by how much effort has gone into the design.

So cool (and appropriate) to have a little community here, thank you for the welcome.

Welcome gclindesy,
we are happy to hear that you love to work with Neo4j as you could se we are working to create a better community so if you need help don't hesitate to reach some of us.

happy journey

Thank you Roberto. I would value your feedback on a project I am working on. Here is a question I posted: