Hello, my name is Paul from Paris

Hi to all,

My name us Paul, I live in Paris. I'm currently applying to a training session in September : Big Data & AI.

I have used Neo4j in 2018, then stopped and went on other activities. My latest version is 1.4.5.

Funny how time flies and my memory too. I have to start all over again ;-) …

I’m having trouble upgrading to 4.3. I’ll search for answers on the forum first or request help if I can’t find hints to resolve my issues.

Cheers to all


Hmm from that old version it's difficult, you could try to export your data using neo4j-shell with the dump command to cypher and hope to import that again. Depends on the size of your graph.

But 1.4.5. was already outdated in 2013 :slight_smile:

You might need to do some text replacements in the genreated file to get the latest syntax.

Hi Michael,

I had all my cypher scripts and my data. I just created a new database and imported the data.
I can access Bloom now with no problem

I realized some missing links.

Thanks for the heads-up concerning "text replacements". I'll get to it in due time.


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