Hello from Roger; a data scientist in Sydney interested in foreign languages, data engineering and graphs (of course)


I've known about Neo4j for a while, but only recently decided to study it for real. I'm going through the Neo4j Academy at the moment. You'll be seeing a lot of questions from me soon!

I'm a data scientist working in a reinsurance company. I'm always on the look out to find ways to extract more information from the data that we have. Currently we're not using graph databases or graph modelling.

I mainly use Python and SQL, I also know R (Tidyverse) and Tableau. Neo4j and Cypher are going to be a tool in my toolkit in 2021.

I discovered graphs when I took a subject called Social and Information Network Analysis in my Master of Science and Innovation degree. I have three main goals for joining the community:

  1. Learn as much as I can about Neo4j, Cypher and data modelling
  2. Get Neo4j certified
  3. After gaining some knowledge (and confidence), help others along the way

I'm glad to be part of this community. Reading/replying some of the posts have already helped me with understanding the way Cypher works. Let's help each other.