Have you ever used a JSON-based format for representing graphs/networks? If yes, how was the experience?

Hi everyone,

I'm working with graph data and want to store it in a JSON-based format. Objectives are to allow analysis outside Neo4j and easily import into DB when required. I'm willing to write a custom parser for import but would appreciate if something exists already.
I came across a few formats (listed below) but I couldn't find user stories as such. I'm very interested to know if you've ever tackled with a similar problem statement.

Graph JSON Formats:

Hi @analyticalmonk

in neo4j , we have so many procedures that would return result in json format.
you don't need to write any parser ,just use procedure ,implement logic and get result in desired json format.


Thanks for the reply, @12kunal34.
I'm aware about the apoc procedures. However, I want to use Neo4j in a production setting and would want to access it via a programming language (Python).
However, py2neo Python library doesn't provide support for apoc procedures natively. One would need to generate cypher queries in Python, which is something I would prefer to avoid.

Also, I want to zero in on a standard JSON format for graph storage, separate from Neo4j. I was hoping to get some advice/opinions around that.

i have done something like that in python.
i did not use any python neo4j library. i simply made connection between python and neo4j after that i run the query with the logic and all .
my query was returning the output in json structured format i simply use that output for further processing.