Harry Alvin - Indonesia

Hi, I'm from Bandung, Indonesia. I currently building a startup (and of course with it's product :v ) that hopefully enhance youths, especially in my country, to have a better learning (quite anything that can be learned) throughout this startup' platform (that currently use neo4j to store all data used by the platform).

I first discovered graphs in a discrete math lecture, but I mainly know about graph database while understanding about the Linked Data (created by Sir Tim Berners-Lee) for my "bachelor thesis".

I hope I could boost my understanding of Neo4j in this community and share my experiences with Neo4j here too.


Welcome Harry, your goal is really great, good luck with the project and I hope you help a lot of young people to learn better. Make sure to apply to the startup program when you're ready.

Feel free to ask about whatever issues you run into.