Greetings from Bavaria

Hi Community,
I am Karlheinz Lederer from Bavaria, the most beautiful country of Germany (at least from the point of view of a Bavarian). As an entrepreneur, I dealt with the development, production, marketing and selling of video surveillance systems. Meanwhile I'm semi-retired and I'm forced to put the sum of my life experience in management software (and not in an autobiography).

My idea is a kind of framework with which you can carry out or operate any projects, companies or private households. I would like to try out the whole thing using the example of my private household (by the way: the complexity of private households including the housewife can easily keep up with that of small companies).

My approach consists of the following basic ideas:

The whole world consists of Objects, which are bound by Relations. Objects and Relations have properties.
Each Project or Organisation has its own relevant Categories of Objects and Relations, which are stored in a model (db).
Tasks, done by resources, change Objects and/or Relations and thus the part of the relevant world.
And: nothing is more hidden than the obvious.

So I go in search of the obvious ...
(My project can, if at all, only succeed with graphs. Neo4j seems to me to have the right technology here and the community may be able to answer one or the other question)


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Servus Karlheinz, welcome to the community from another Bavarian.