Graph Visualization for Academic Purpose

I have imported my data on Neo4J and have conducted some analysis using graph algorithms. How can I import the graph visualizations generated in Neo4J on to my system in the form of high quality images for the purpose of inclusion in thesis and journal articles?

are you looking to export the graph visualizations?
How are you currently rendering the graph visualizations? Are you using the Neo4j the Neo4j Browser (i.e. typically hosted at http://localhost:7474) ? If so you can export as a PNG from the results frame. In the results frame, top right corner, 1st icon should allow you download as a PNG


I am doing just that at the moment but sometimes the picture quality is not good.

how so? how is the picture quality not good? because it becomes pixelated? because there is too much data on the screenshot? do you have an example?

Also, you could simply use other available screenshot capturing software, i.e Download Free Trial | Snagit | TechSmith , admittedly only free for a 15 day eval or you can purchase.


So to overcome the problem I download the image as SVG and then use Microsoft Visio to enhance the quality.

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