Graph Academy website unable to load courses

Hello everyone,

Just wondering if anyone has notice issues with accessing the Graph Academy website

This problem is not only seen in the course for "creating nodes and relationships" module but it can be seen for other modules, despite refreshing the web browser multiple times.

In addition when completing the tutorial questions after one lesson, the tutorial questions before that lesson become blank, so I am unable to download my cert for that course as it keeps forgetting that I completed the tutorial questions.

I am still learning Neo4j but the courses seem to be not accessible. :sleepy:

Hi all,

Thanks to the staff and associates of Neo4j, the courses are working as per usual.

Now downloading all the certs again to ensure it this happens again, at least I can save my progress

Took about 30 hours for the courses at the Graph Academy to respond normally.

If anyone is still having trouble accessing the courses, I recommend you enable pop ups in your internet browser