FastRP Extended...Extended? Help with textual node property compatibility

Hi Neo4j wizards -

I have been using FastRP (and Extended) embeddings for a few projects latetely. It seems that textual node properties are still not supported by the GDSL implementation - only numeric properties are allowed. Did I miss a memo or is this still true? Before you tell me that text properties are easy to augment with additional text vector properties, read on.

Currently, I am merging topographical and textual embeddings via two methods, depending on the project:
(a) in some cases I am generating text vectors externally, importing them to node properties, then using the vector node properties with FastRP to get my fused node embeddings
(b) in other cases I am generating node embeddings using FastRP without any representation of node text properties, then pulling the node embeddings out of neo4j and fusing with text vectors externally.

I have to believe there is a better (or at least less effortful) way. Any guidance toward this end I will gratefully accept. I'll also gratefully accept an estimate of timeline to the GDSL release that provides text embedding generation and application within other graph algos - all "under the hood". :-)