Facing issue in connecting Neo4j from .Net application

Hi Team,

We are facing issue while trying to connect Neo4j ( version 4.1.1) from .Net application ( .Net framework 4.7.2). The driver version is 4.2.37. We have taken those drivers and .Net code by referring below site.

Can you please confirm if the above code is latest one and also find the attached snapshot for the error we are facing while trying to connect neo4j. It is high priority issue for us hence kindly share the latest code/drivers for Neo4j and .Net integration and also guide here to resolve the issue ASAP. Feel free to ask if any other details are required here.

Note: The core objective is to connect the Neo4j from .Net frame work and get/post the data from/to neo4j.

Thank you so much!!
Waiting for quick response.

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It looks like you don't have the correct IDriver - it looks like it's referring to a local interface with the same name? I think you'll either need to rename the local interface or if not that specify the full namespace for the Neo4j interface.