Easy Access Control for GRANDstack

Hi there. I wrapped up writing a series of articles on DEV.to about six months ago that examined some ways to use the neo4j-graphql-js Filter API to enforce fine-grained access control structures for GRANDstack applications. Well, I finally got off my butt to put some more-finished touches on the project and published it to NPM for others to use.

A simple npm install neo4j-deepauth or yarn add neo4j-deepauth in your GRANDstack project directory will get you started. The latest v0.2.0 release contains full support for Interface & Extend Types, a new API for applyDeepAuth, and some bug fixes for Fragments.

If you're interested in the code, you can check out the repo at:
Github Repo - imkleats/neo4j-graphql-deepauth

I also have an example server setup at:
Github Repo - imkleats/neo4j-deepauth-example

Take care and have fun.