Download 2.1.8

I have been using version 2.1.7 of Neo4j since long and now wanted to upgrade it to 3.x. For that I found out this link Long upgrade path 2.1.x -> 3.5 which suggest to first upgrade to 2.1.x latest (which I think is 2.1.8). But I cannot find any download link for 2.1.8 version. Where can I download that version or any older version of NEO. Thanks!

Hello @choudharyfreny :slight_smile:

You should find what you want here: GitHub - neo4j/neo4j: Graphs for Everyone

But I really recommend that you create a new database with the latest version of Neo4j and import your data into it after :slight_smile:


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You can also go to the download center and change the version number in the url

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