David Barton - Software Developer - Bath, UK


I have worked mainly in Oracle / Java enterprise environments, for the last 15 years in the telco domain. I'm currently freelancing and my areas of interest include developer plugins, data modelling and d3.js. I also like to dabble in iOS.

I was introduced to neo4j in early 2018, and I am exploring how deep the rabbit hole goes :grin:

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Hi David, I'm in Bristol, see my intro post for background Mike Oaten, riskhunter.co.uk, Bristol UK

There's a meetup to join too, events planned 'to start in 2019.


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Hi Mike - it looks like interesting work you're doing.

Have signed up for the meetup. Looking forward to meeting you in 2019.



Sooo.... how deep is the rabbit hole so far? :laughing:

Hi Karin,

I’m still chasing the rabbit! :nerd_face:

Following the Christmas Market blog post I wrote at the end of January, I was asked to do a presentation locally. It’s currently planned for the beginning of May, so I am going to be preparing some materials for that soon. It looks like it’s going to be a full house! :sweat_smile:- https://www.meetup.com/bristech/events/259388187/

Wow! Nice!!! They even have a waitlist! :crazy_face: