Conditional Cypher Query on Embedded


Newly I discover apoc.when and try to use it in my project.
My project have test with using neo4jharness.
But It seem that apoc from Central Repository: org/neo4j/procedure/apoc/ ( doesn't contain function documented here Conditional Cypher Execution - APOC Documentation (
Any one knows where to find these functions?
Thank you for any help.

For information :

  • org.neo4j.test:neo4j-harness:4.3.6
  • org.neo4j.procedure:apoc: (all)

apoc.when is in the class cypher (even if it is not a apoc.cypher function) : neo4j-apoc-procedures/ at b8a67385eb41190a14dcb81c50ec8a9c733aa56d · neo4j-contrib/neo4j-apoc-procedures · GitHub
To add it to the embedded instance just add .withProcedure(apoc.cypher.Cypher.class) to the embedded instance initialisation.