Aura - User triggered Backup

Hello Neo4js,

Are there any plans to provide backup-functionality for Aura beyond this backup which is performed automatically?

If yes, when will this be introduced?



We do have plans for a programatic API for managing Aura databases, which could include the ability to trigger backups. But that second part will likely be limited to our Enterprise offering, not Professional.

Currently, our Enterprise tier takes snapshots automatically every hour. So if you need backups run more frequently than once per day we'd recommend upgrading to that tier. If you're interested in doing so we can have one of our Account Executives reach out to you. Just let us know, and give us a good contact method for them to reach you.


Hi Cory,

Ok, I was not aware, that there is something beyond "professional". Yes, getting in touch with one of your Account Executives would be good.


Sounds good. Your email isn't displayed here so please send me your contact information and I'll pass it along to the right people. You can reach me at