Apoc bug after erroneous null property?

call apoc.create.vNode(['test'],{label:'test',zero:null}) yield node return node

shows node in Neo4j Browser, BUT on hover results in

Something went wrong: *"TypeError: Cannot read property 'match' of null"* and the application can't recover.
Reload application

Desktop: 1.4.1, Neo4j: 4.2.3

Is zero:null true? does this label hold onto that value

Hi Sam,
this is an apoc.create.vNode with fictitious properties to shows that apoc doesn't note the null property, but then the Neo4j Browser hangs and stops.
I discovered it during a longer Javascript-created cypher query where the vNode had to connect a lot of searched (real) nodes:

// search `test`
call apoc.create.vNode(['search'],{shape:'database',label:'#test',title:'found with test'}) yield node match (n) where toLower(n.label) contains 'test' with node,n call apoc.create.vRelationship(node,'found',{dashes:true,size:0.1}, n) YIELD rel  
return node,rel,n

changing the word test should work with either database.
enjoy WJI