Yelp dataset missing from Neo4j Sandbox


I'm trying to complete the "Applied graph algorithms" training, which requires using the Neo4j sandbox with the Yelp dataset. However, I just noticed that the sandbox interface UI was changed and I cannot longer find the dataset available.

Sandbox link provided during the training:



Can you try open that link in an incognito window?


Hi Michael,

I'm using Google Chrome in incognito mode, the link used to work fine until a few days ago, now it redirects me to the main page of the sandbox (which it has a new UI). The new sandbox site no longer lists the Yelp dataset.


Hi, we're sorry that you had trouble with this. I have DM'ed you which should help you access the Yelp sandbox. Please check your inbox.


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I am stuck at yelp public dataset sandbox access. @shreyans.gandhi could you please help me here getting the correct link?

Can you try this one