Writing in read access mode not allowed when using Bloom and Data explorer for Neo4j Plugins

Hi all,
I have the following Cypher query that runs well on Neo4j browser pointing to my local DB:

CALL apoc.meta.data() YIELD label, property, type, elementType
WHERE elementType <> 'relationship'
WITH label, collect(property + ' (' + type + ')') AS properties
WITH apoc.map.fromLists(collect(label), collect(properties)) AS properties_map

CALL apoc.meta.graph() YIELD nodes, relationships
UNWIND nodes AS n
WITH n, apoc.node.labels(n)[0] AS label, properties_map, relationships

CALL apoc.create.setProperty(n, 'properties', apoc.text.join(properties_map[label], '\n')) YIELD node

RETURN collect(node) AS nodes, relationships;

However, when I paste this as a search phrase in Bloom and as a query in Data explorer for neo4j plugins I receive the following error:

"Writing in read access mode not allowed. Attempted to write to internal graph 0 (neo4j)".

I have figured out that the issue is when executing apoc.create.setProperty probably because It's a write operation but I don't know why these kind of operations cannot be performed on both plugins.

Any help might be appreciated.



I am quite sure that the bug is due to an incorrect handling of virtual nodes into Neo4j Bloom.
That is, the apoc.meta.graph() return a virtual graph with virtual nodes and virtual relationships (see Virtual Nodes/Rels - APOC Extended Documentation), which are similar to "real" entities but with negative ids.

I think that Neo4j Bloom doesn't recognize this negative ids,
in fact even this simple query fails, in Bloom:

CALL apoc.create.vNode(['Score'], {}) YIELD node AS n
CALL apoc.create.setProperty(n, 'properties', 'test') 
YIELD node RETURN node;