Wolfgang Hoeck - data wrangler, scientist, data visualizer

Long time business analyst in the biotech world. Graphs opened the door to new opportunities to capture and connect data beyond traditional relational databases. I started building a "cancer drug discovery" graph before Neo4j was around, but Neo4j really allowed the idea to grow and prosper. Have been a fan of this database ever since and am still working and expanding on my original idea which I had shared as a graph gist early on - Competitive Intelligence in Cancer Drug Discovery. Looking forward to working in this space for a long time to come.


Welcome to the forum Wolfgang !

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Thanks, Tom. Finally got my certification done too. Love Neo4j, awesome for creating knowledge graphs.

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This is super awesome. I actually discovered Neo4j bc a friend, Daniel Himmelstein, was working on a cancer research project. Have you seen http://neo4j.het.io
If you're interested in the future, it could be cool to have you speak at one of the Neo4j Online Meetups. :)

cc: @alicia.frame

Cool stuff! In addition to het.io, you might want to check out Drug discovery effectiveness from the standpoint of therapeutic mechanisms and indications from Vertex (published in Nature Reviews Drug Discovery). Although they're not taking an explicitly graph based approach, it's a nice example of connecting data from various sources (patents, clinical trials, publications) and using it to derive new insights - I've also worked with the underlying data set (Clarivate's integrity database) as part of a larger knowledge graph project for relational inference work, and there are a ton of opportunities in this space!

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Hi Karin, hi Alicia,

Yes, I have seen Daniel’s work on het.io, was excited to see someone working with biology data and Neo4j. Graph databases are still a hard sell in an environment dominated by relational databases. Hoping to help create some more excitement around graphs by highlighting the various ways they can be used. Since I signed up for the startup program I now have access to Bloom and plan on writing some story about visually navigating my cancer drug discovery knowledgegraph.

The article from Vertex is interesting, provides some ideas of how to look at my data as well. Thanks for sharing.

It’s a bit early still for me, but maybe in the future it is worthwhile to speak about it at one of the meetups.


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