Wim Verbruggen

My name is Wim verbruggen, I'm a Solution Architect within a governmental body.
I've a little experience with RDF and OWL (SHACL).

At this moment I'm busy creating an Archimate-model for a specific domain within our company. Although Archimate has a good way of storing and representing the information, it is my believe that storing and representing the Archimate-model in either RDF/OWL or a property-graph could add some functionality.

On Github I found this function of transferring an Archimate-model to a Neo4j-environment. At last I succeeded to transfer my model to a Neo4j-database. My next thing will be to look at possibilities to represent a graph in different ways using the "type" of a node (BusinessFunction, ApplicationComponent, BusinessProces, etc. ....) or the type of a relationship.

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Wim you forgot to put in your actual intro-text. Please replace the placeholder text with your actual intro. Thx

This sounds like a really cool project!