Will Hickson - Chief Data Officer - dmi

Hi All - I'm co-founder of dmi.io and a data geek who loves playing with technology. We use neo4j to drive our ontology at dmi, and we've also worked on neo4j consulting projects.

In addition to neo4j, I play with Python building data mash-ups, NLP tools and the like.

Homebase is Wesport CT, just outside NYC. Always happy to meet up.

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Welcome Will,

are you coming then to GraphConnect in 2 weeks? I'll be there.

Hi Michael - still struggling on whether I will get the value for the price. I mean if you are there obviously that helps! :slight_smile:

I like the new forum. No more lost threads!

Hi Michael - unfortunately I won't make it to Graph Connect. It turned out I have to be in Boston Thursday afternoon and Friday. Hope we can meet up at the next US opportunity!