Why Will No One At NEO4J Pick up the phone?

I'm trying to download the newest enterprise version of neo4j. The links provided do not work and I'm unable to get any assistance. Are there any employees who can help? Or point me to a number that works?

Thank you.

Hey Michael - our web team is working on fixing the link now. Will let you know when we have it resolved.

Hi Michael, can you also let us know the phone numbers you are using to try to get in touch with us, and what country you are calling from, along with what you are encountering when you call? We should have an automated system in place that should be offering you options and routing appropriately. If that's not the case we'll need to see what's going on.

Thanks for getting back to me. I was calling the numbers that are on the website for North America. While the automated system has been answering the phone, I've left a few messages and no one has returned a call. I've been trying to find out how to purchase an enterprise license and have sent a number of contact requests via the website and made phone calls.

Thanks for the info, Michael. I've let our sales team know, we'll confirm that we captured your attempts in the system and get in touch.