Why neo4 browser always show all the relations of the triplet, even if relation props don't match?

I know its a "stupid question", but when I match a relation like [:DIRECTED] why I always see the other relations that nodes have

seems strange but I have for ex 2 nodes with a lots of relations, and I need to filter the relation by its id, or other property like amount, and when I MATCH it I always see all of the relations that both nodes have, and its a bit annoying
in bellow image how do I know what is the relation that have the MATCH id?
what I really want here is just see 2 nodes and one relation, and that is what the query MATCH

I can see that in table mode I only see the triplet (a)-[r]->(b) with only one relation

the question is how I can MATCH one relation only, and prevent see the others that I really don't care about

I know there is a easy way to do that, but I don't know how



uncheck Connect result nodes do the magic, great :)

Hi Mario,
I had the same problem.
I have thought about the problem for a long time and I understand that relationships are a layer above the nodes, so when you show them, you recall all the relationships between the visible nodes..



Close. When the "Connect result nodes" option is checked, then the browser behaves a little different, such that after query results are fetched, it uses the nodes returned to issue a separate query under-the-hood to find all the relationships of any type between them.

That of course is useful when exploring the graph, but not useful when you only want to see the exact thing you queried for.