Why is the memory usage up gradually in neo4j?

My version is neo4j 4.0.4. While it is running, and I am using Bolt Api to send requests to get results back on my Mac computer. Initially when Neo4j is up, the Java process takes about 1.1 GB observed from the Activity Monitor on my Mac. After processing many processes, I observe that the memory gradually goes up. After about 1 million requests, the Activity Monitor shows that the Java process eats about 2 GB. If I don't turn off neo4j and after several days I found that the Java takes about 6GB after processing an unknown amount of requests.

Is there a way to avoid memory usage going up constantly and slowly? My Mac has a total of 16G memory.

It's call a memory leak, and it's indeed really bad.
I got the same issue with the most recent neo4j browser http service on my browser when I use the sync connection for my favourites, it goes crazy.

@tard_gabriel Is the memory leak a know issue and filed as a high priority bug to be fixed? I found this when using Bolt api to interacting with the graph, not in browser

As I'm not a part of the Neo4j staff I don't know, but there must be a better place 'bug repports' to talk about it.