Why can't full text indexes be updated?

I'm interested to know why the configuration of full text indexes (by which I mean the indexed labels and properties) can't be updated after they've been created.

I'm using a single full-text index to index pretty much every text property in my db to provide a "search everything" function in my app. As the product grows in complexity, I expect I'll want to add new properties and labels to the index. My reading of the documentation is that the idea of adding a property or label to an index is not a possibility. Instead, I'll need to drop the index and re-create it from scratch. Which, you know, seems less than ideal, especially with a growing amount of data that constantly needs re-indexing from scratch. :blush:

So, what's the reason for only allowing create and drop, but not update?
Is updating of full text indexes something that could be added in the future?

Have I got the use of full-text indexes wrong?
Is there some best practice I haven't found for efficiently text searching across the whole graph?
Maybe creating a separate full text index for each property and then somehow querying all the indexes in parallel?
(Or just managing an external index?)