Which web server is most suited for graph visualization tools, like neovis.js and vis.js?

I am working on building a web visualization tool that will be searchable. My Wordpress website is running in the cloud via DigitalOcean and I have NGINX running as a web server on my Virtual Machine (Ubuntu 20.04).

Now, when I take a look at the installation information on neovis.js, I see here that the license is Apache 2.0 (neovis-ts - npm). Does this mean that I'd better run it on Apache?

What are your opinions about this? Does it really matter?

The Apache License, and the apache webserver are two completely separate things. The license was created as a legal mechanism to make code publicly available (rather than private and paid for limited licenses). Many different tools and libraries use the Apache license to make their code free to the public, for reuse and modification.

I'm running Neo4j with Nginx just fine. IMO, Nginx is a better, and more easily maintained webserver. Use whatever you're more familiar with.


I see! Thank you for the elaborate response. Because I am a fairly new developer, nothing was familiar to me :). I installed both Apache and Nginx to see what worked better for me, but after doing some research, my gut feeling told me that Nginx might indeed served my purposes better. Now you also affirm that, I feel more confident in that I made the right decision.