Which presentation/meetup etc presented example server requirements for sql, no-sql and neo4j?

Hi Guys,
I've read and watched many neo4j papers and presentations and would like to find one that covered the server requirements for a company when they used sql, then no-sql and finally neo4j. If i remember correctly the numbers when from 100+, to around 27 to under 10.

Does anyone know where i can find this presentation/paper/ meetup?

Thanks in advance

this purely depends on companies, sector / domains and use cases. then there is various departments inside the companies.

for example, if a company has a SQL Server Data Warehouse, it should start by export the data to csv file and then migrate it to Neo4j. so this follows the complete project and environment life cycle including application development lifecycle.

What are you exactly looking for ? You can refer to benefits of rdbms vs no-sql (neo4j), if that helps you.

Hi Dominic,
Thanks for responding. I'm looking for a specific paper/ presentation/meetup that Neo4j has released that presented this information about one of their clients. I can't remember where i saw or read it.

since this depends on clients and your use case, i am just going to share the neo4j url

apologies if this is a duplicate information to you.