Which authentication and authorization is best for a social network?

Which is the best way to authentication and authorize users in neo4j, noe4j has the following options and i have read all of them

  1. which is the best option for my social networking app?
  2. if LDAP is best where can I find a server for it? (i guess create a server for ldap on docker)
  3. is there a way to login through providers like google, facebook etc?(i think custom authentication here)

@david_allen Help, please? :stuck_out_tongue:

With all due respect I think this question isn't really answerable right now. A good place for you to start is to think about the requirements for your application and make notes of them. In order to make a wise decision here you should start with basics of what you're trying to build, and what your users want. Neo4j is trying to be flexible to allow you to use whichever method is best for you, but without understanding your app I'm not in a position to say what the best method is.

I'd first recommend you do some research on LDAP to understand what that is and why people use it, and then compare that against your goals for your app and your desired architecture. That would really help constrain the question and make it easier for anyone on this forum to help.

Thank you for the reply, i have read LDAP but i think i have to search for it's use cases.

my app is based on image upload just like instagram where people can upload pictures, videos and text. I previously tried Firestore(NoSQL) but it was not suitable for social networking app, then i learnt neo4j, my app i almost complete i am just stuck at authentication, like how to allow people to create their own account, i think there is no proper documentation on how to properly allow a new user to create their own account on neo4j and what they can access. I will try to read more about other LDAP and use cases and revert back, Thank You :slightly_smiling_face: