Where do I enter the License number for Enterprise on Docker installation


I am installing the neo4j:4.3.0-enterprise Docker image from Docker

I use

docker run -d \
  --name neo4j-core-01 \
  --network neo4j-core-01-network \
  --publish \
  --publish \
  --mount source=neo4j-core-01-volume,target=/data \

The container is up, but I dont figure out where to enter the license key in order to continue my cluster setup.

I reviewd the entrypoint file in docker-neo4j-publish/docker-entrypoint.sh at 4e1de71ba0017d996c292730663fd40d14d3e983 · neo4j/docker-neo4j-publish · GitHub but did no see any ENV variable in order to achieve that.

Would you help me to find out where to enter my licese key?

Hello, there is no enterprise license key here, our restrictions are not technical, they are legal, and assume and trust individuals and businesses comply to our license agreement and have the necessarily license for use.