Where can I find updated New4J Sample Databases?

Does anyone know where I can find a version of the sample Movie Database that is compatible with version 3.4.10 of Neo4J Community Edition? The example here: Guide: Example Datasets - Developer Guides only goes to version 2.3. I am using the small movie database for learning but would like to move to a larger but similar dataset to keep learning more about query performance.

If this question is better suited for another sub-forum I would welcome any suggestions as to where to post it.

Have you tried neo4jsandbox.com? This allows you to launch neo4j instances with a lot of different default datasets. If you just want to play with one, that's the easiest way. Most of those sandboxes don't offer the raw data as a download, but you can either use the sandbox, or use other tooling to grab a copy of the data.

The sandbox is nice but I really want to practice importing/using the data on my own server. Also, shouldn't the Official documentation be pointed to the datasets that are compatible with a more or less current release of Neo4J? Can you elaborate on what you mean by "use other tooling to grab a copy of the data." Is there a way to get ALL of the data out of a sandbox instance for import into my local server?


Hey @Eric_H - if you're looking for the dataset used in the Recommendations sandbox you can download the datastore here. (It's a combination of Open Movie DB and MovieLens ratings).

We'll work on updating the example dataset page - thanks for pointing it out.


William, thank you so much. I look forward to playing around with it soon.

Any chance to get the data from the Crime Investigation sandbox?

Hi @William_Lyon - is there any chance that you could also help with the dataset used in Russian Twitter Trolls sandbox? (also, @ralfbecher asked about Crime Investigation)

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Hi @William_Lyon Where can we get the dataset used in other sandbox?

@bszelag I found it here

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Awesome, thank you @Raj725!

Can you share the link of the dataset for fraud detection in noe4j sandbox ?