When will the GDS library supported for Neo4j 4.x?

I see there is no support for GDS in Neo4j 4.x. When will the GDS library supported for Neo4j 4.x?


Hello ambarish,

You are right, currently GDS does not support Neo4j 4.x. However with GDS 1.2, which will be released on May 7, we will support Neo4j 4.0.3.

Best, Sören

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Hi Soren,

Thanks for you reply. This would be helpful for us - since we're planning to have roughly around billion nodes and relationships. Would be easier for us to measure the memory and stats related to our nodes and relationships using the GDS procedures.

How do I get GDS running on Azure? I have Neo4j v4.0.3 installed and running. I've place the GDS 1.2 jar in the plugin directory along side apoc. I can see the gds functions in a query for functions. But when I try to run a gds query I get an error message: "Failed to invoke procedure gds.alpha.triangle.stream: Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/neo4j/kernel/extension/KernelExtensionFactory"

For 1.2 we moved triangle counting to production quality tier with signature gds.triangleCount.<mode>. The old triangle listing procedure you mentioned was renamed to gds.alpha.triangles. So I guess you looked at an older version of the documentation. You can also try another algorithm to verify your installation works.
The documentation for this should be up to date now at Triangle Count - Neo4j Graph Data Science


Thanks! I got alpha.triangles running.

I really like Neo4j v4 and the mature GDS. I’ve got it deployed on Azure with distinct databases for individual clients. The triangles are great for triangulation of 3 DNA matches (node) who share DNA segments which are represented in edges. The Louvain algorithm creates communities from DNA data alone which align with historical family trees. Managing queries involving the two graphs (DNA and historical trees) is easily done in Neo4j.

I seem to be a rare bird using Neo4j for genealogy. It’s an ideal tool for this very large market. I’m looking for collaborators and would appreciate introductions if you know of them. I have a blog post about early work on this before the DNA work: http://stumpf.org/genealogy-blog/graph-databases-in-genealogy . I’m bringing up a new website soon in which I’ll blog some more about graphs in genealogy.


BTW, the reason I use alpha.triangles is because it supports YIELD nodeA, nodeB, nodeC which enables analytics of each node to see if metadata (properties) harmonizes between them. I could not find any reference to this in the new trianglesCount.

What happened to Neo4j v 4.0.3 at Azure. I had to reinstall it. But when I tried to do so, it tells me the image is not available in any region. Can this get fixed?