When connecting to Neo4j, one does not specify a database (or schema)?

When one is accessing a relational database engine, one specifies what database they want to use. And various relational databases define "schema" in different ways.

When I started up neo4j via ./bin/neo4j console I was immediately able to create a property graph.

My question is: where was that property graph being stored? In a particular database and/or schema? Does neo4j have the concepts of database and schema?

Where might I read more on this?

In Neo4j 3.x server, there is only one database. So you don't have to select one or even a schema.

In Neo4j 4.x ( now in milestone release ), there is support for multiple databases per Neo4j server. You can read more about the 4.x features here : Ready for Testing: Neo4j Enterprise Edition 4.0 Milestone Release 2

and your conf/neo4j.conf defines the default active graph via parameter dbms.active_database

I read the post. It indicates that this feature is for enterprise edition only. I would encourage Neo4j to look back at how MySQL and other databases offered free versus paid projects and see if any of them charged for the ability to have multiple schemas. That seems like par for the course more so than an enterprise feature.