When are you using Bloom on your daily basis or workflow with a new client?


I recently start to use Bloom and I read about the Modelling principles a while ago, I was wondering when are the best moment to use Bloom in a workflow with the stakeholders?

Please share your experiences and thoughts about it.

  1. When doing something akin to "whiteboard data modeling" and people need to get familiarity with the overall shape/meaning of the data.

  2. When you find an interesting node in your data that shows some pattern but you don't know what the pattern is, use Bloom to focus on that node and expand/filter out from the starting space. "Hypothesis formation" is where Bloom is really good. "Something is going on here, I don't know what it is, let me get the shape and see if that suggests anything to me about what's happening"

  3. When you need a business user who doesn't know Cypher to make individual point changes (like to an individual property value)

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