What's the maximum length for an :ID during import?

Neo4j Version: 4.3.6

I'm using neo4j-admin import to import some data in to a fresh database.

I'm using a text index for one of the types of nodes, and whilst almost all of the :IDs are in the region of 50-100 bytes in length, there is the odd one that (annoyingly) happens to be thousands of bytes in length.

What's the limit for the length of an :ID you can use with neo4j-admin import?

This is the error I'm getting during import:

original error: Index -17162 out of bounds for length 131128

If there is a hard limit, I'm guessing I would need to take a hash of each of these text strings and use that as the :ID instead.

Thanks in advance.

I've done some testing through Cypher, and it seems like I can create nodes with any length of text string as a property (and also with that property set as an INDEX). I created properties of 1MB in length without any problems.

Is there a limit to the size of the :IDs when using neo4j-admin import only?

If so, is there a way to increase it?

I've done some more testing, and it seems the maximum length I can use for an :ID is 46341 characters in length.

For example, this import works:

<46341 character string>

But this fails:

<46342 character string>

Is this a specific limit for :IDs set by Neo4j when using neo4j-admin import?