What's missing from the documentation?

Today I discovered that the @neo4j_ignore schema directive exists. This is a great thing, but this isn't documented on grandstack.io which is the canonical source of documentation.

What else is missing from the documentation?

At a bare minimum we need a table which lists functionality with columns for implemented, in development, and not being developed - this would be a big boon for users and potential contributors to the neo4j-graphql-js library.


+1 Please document @neo4j_ignore (took me several hours to find)

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Here's one I can't find.
When using @cypher in a schema, it takes this structure:

  has_user_progress: [Progress]
      statement: """
      MATCH (this)-[r:HAS_USER_PROGRESS]->(up:Progress)
      WHERE NOT EXISTS(r.to) RETURN up, r.userId

The fact that statement: is an argument of @cypher leads me to believe that there are other possible arguments, like variable: or param:, but I find no examples of any argument of @cypher except statement.

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My guess is that the @cypher directive is deliberately left open so that it can be extended at a later date.